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Diary of a Madwoman

A look at the mind of an artist...

Hell's Countess
18 January
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  • hells_countess@livejournal.com
Hello, and welcome to my journal!

If you're reading this, you're probably from FanFiction.net... and if not, welcome anyway. I'm a writer and an artist, ands I want to spend the rest of my life doing those things for a living. I plan on going to art school, and maybe becoming a manga artist. I created this journal in order to explore livejournal, and maybe to blog a bit.

I am a Hellsing freak, and I drool over AlucardxIntegra. I have claimed IntegraxSeras in the 30_kisses community.

I draw (ink and/or digital) all of my own userpics. If you want me to do one for you, just ask! Below are two exampless of my work:

A userpic I made for LivejournalA userpic I made for Livejournal